Marquee Hire

We are delighted to be working with Vintage Marquees to offer beautiful, quirky and fun marquees and tents to make your event exquisite.  Perfect for children’s entertainment and chill out areas at Weddings, Festivals, Garden Parties or any type of party and gathering.

Here are some of the tents and marquees we can offer for your event:


Our pretty yellow and white daisy tent designed by Caroline @Vintage Marquees is 12’ x 20’ and has stunning applique daisies on the roof.


An original 1950’s fishing tent, with wooden uprights and brass fixings, approx 4’ x 6’. This tent is in hot demand for creating a children’s corner while the adults are using the larger marquees. A vintage children’s croquet set, picnic rugs and games are available to hire too.


Chinese Hat

Our versatile Chinese hat PVC marquee is a popular option for catering purposes or as a small party tent to use on hardstanding.



We have two lovely old square canvas tents, each 5m x 5m and of course with old ropes, wooden pegs, and dollies. These tents have one central pole and along with the smaller Jester tents are popular for children’s party tents, dressing rooms for prom parties, catering tents, and‘chill’ areas .

The Jester

We now have four 4m x 4m Jester tents. A very pretty little tent, especially with the jolly red and blue poles. These little marquees are popular for band tents, drinks tents, for serving teas and cakes, for dressing up ..the list is endless! All our marquees large and small have the same fully removable hook up sides.



Our Indian Pagoda tent is 4m x 4m.  It has a pretty printed roof and wall linings and fully removable walls. There are no central poles so it is perfect as a band tent or as an entrance area to a larger marquee.


There are two Bell tents, each 4m in diameter. You can stand up in the middle. Fill the floor with rugs and cushions, very cosy! Great for a children’s tent or the odd sleepover!

Children’s Tents

We have four pretty canvas children’s tents. These can be erected in one of our larger marquees to create a children’s corner, or they look great as a group together outside, sooo sweet!

Children’s Tents


We have two beautiful, original and very ‘shabby chic’ canvas marquees, complete with ‘distressed’ wooden poles. old hemp ropes and wooden ‘dollies’. They are 3.4m x 6.8m (approx 11′ x 22.5′). The perfect size to enhance your back garden!

Medival All sorts

We have four stunning stripy Medieval style canvas marquees. Amazing constructions, with a large wooden cartwheel structure, these marquees add a real ‘wow’ factor to any occasion!

SMALL – 10’ 6’ ivory roof, gold and ivory striped walls – £250 STANDARD – 14’ 6’ gold and blue stripes – £350 LARGE – 16’ green and yellow stripes – £450 GRAND – 22’ red and green stripes – £550



Scout(see left) is the newest member of the Vintage Marquee family, approximately 15′ x 24′ , a very pretty little canvas tent. Hire price £420.00